Butter and Crumble

Website redesign for an up-and-coming female owned San Francisco bakery.

Butter and Crumble is a bakery located in the North Beach Neighborhood of San Francisco, owned by Sophie Smith and run by an outstanding team of women. Specializing in elevated laminated pastries and layered crumble cakes, the bakery emphasizes playful creativity and attention to detail. Sophie initially operated a pop-up bakery in various commercial kitchens across the city before establishing this new brick-and-mortar location, which has continued to rise in popularity.

Given the consistent high demand and long lines of eager customers, I designed a well-organized website to communicate crucial information such as opening hours, online ordering procedures, and frequently asked questions. The website also serves as a showcase for the visually appealing laminated pastries, cakes, and distinctive bright branding of Butter and Crumble.

To enhance the brand’s visual appeal, we introduced pistachio green and teal colors to complement the existing pink and black color scheme. This addition not only adds depth and interest but also pays homage to some of the ingredients featured in their pastries and interior design elements in their recently renovated storefront.

Drool worthy photography is from the Butter and Crumble team and Katie Katz Photography. Site developed by the talented Jackie Marchal. You can take a look at the live site here.

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