A vibrant brand and website for a fem-tech start-up that's rewriting the rules.

Auggie is a fem-tech start-up that allows women to test different implant sizes from the comfort of home. The concept took root when founder Ashleigh DePopas discovered her friend's dissatisfaction with her breast augmentation results. Astonished to learn that her friend resorted to using rice bags for implant testing at home, Ashleigh realized this was a shared experience among many women. This revelation prompted Ashleigh's journey to redefine the breast augmentation size selection process, and empower women to make the best choice for themselves. With a vision for a bold brand, Ashleigh sought my assistance to bring her vision to life. Our objective was clear: craft a vibrant and inviting brand, akin to a trusted confidant, yet maintaining the necessary professionalism expected in the medical realm.

During our strategy sessions, we recognized the pivotal role packaging plays in delivering memorable experiences. Informed by research into fem-tech and healthcare competitors, we designed colorful packaging that not only ensures a delightful unboxing experience but also simplifies returns, setting Auggie apart from the crowd.

Moving beyond physical touch points, Auggie's social media presence was crafted to reflect its bold yet approachable persona. Embracing the brand's vibrant color palette, we adopted a color-blocking strategy on Instagram, with each month featuring a primary color, creating a visually striking gradient effect. Utilizing containing shapes to enhance visual interest and offering versatility in content types, Auggie's social channels exude warmth and fun. You can view the live website here.

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