Branding and rock solid strategy for a woman-led visual creative agency.

Eani is a woman-led visual creative agency delivering fresh editorial and product photography from their home base in Austin, Texas. When co-founders Shirin and Chie came to me, they had cycled through a few self-created brand identities. After realizing these directions weren’t quite hitting the mark, they decided they needed a professional eye to create a fun, unexpected, luxurious brand identity, along with a rock-solid brand strategy.

Prior to kick-ing off brand design, we engaged in a deep strategy session to uncover Eani’s special sauce. We decided to lean into their approachable and engaging on-set vibe. The founders have an extensive network of fellow creatives, so we wanted to communicate that they tailor the right team for the needs of each project. The final voice and tone of the  refreshed brand is confident, professional, and empowering. We also agreed on a service outline structure to provide clarity for potential clients on what services they offer. 

The founders' diverse backgrounds and perspectives cultivate a culturally aware environment where all people and bodies are embraced, and we wanted to reflect this inclusivity in the branding. As fellow zillennials, they wanted to craft a brand identity filled with personality—one that didn’t feel too juvenile or skew too minimal. The color palette we decided on is bright, fun, and energetic, but still allows their stunning photography to be the star of the show. The new Eani logo is elegant and clean, featuring a logomark with a woven motif to represent the relationship between the founders and their connection within the creative community. To balance the bold colors, we used a minimal and clean typeface, arranged in unique ways to create visual interest while maintaining high legibility.

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