Marketing design for a local yoga and fitness studio.

Folk is a community of 7 yoga and fitness studios spread across San Francisco, with a core focus on fostering community, belonging, and inclusion. I was brought on to collaborate with Folk to refine the design of their marketing materials, swag, website, and social media channels.

Prior to our collaboration, Folk had recently invested in a rebrand, encompassing a fresh logo, illustrations, color palette, and type suite. My role was to provide additional support in extending this rebrand across various assets, ensuring that the brand essence truly stood out. Additionally, I played a part in organizing and directing a photoshoot featuring the talented lineup of yoga and fitness instructors at the studios. They were in need of images that aligned with their refreshed branding to use across various platforms—social media, web, and beyond. The overarching theme we embraced for the shoot delved into celebration for the human body. The artistic vision weaves together elements of modern minimalism and nature-inspired nuances. Our immensely talented photographer, Lisa Vortman, who is also a yogi, captured the essence of Folk's yoga instructors and the warm, inviting atmosphere of their cozy neighborhood studios.

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