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Az-Ash is a seasoned family-business boasting an impressive 25-year history specializing in securing financing for commercial projects. Their profound expertise in navigating the intricate realm of commercial funding ensures clients receive unparalleled service and satisfaction. Recognizing the need to update an outdated brand to meet their current business needs, Az-Ash came to me looking for a refreshed brand to convey 'Experience, Expertise, and Efficiency.' The brand we created embodies these qualities, striking the balance between professional approachability and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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We employed classic serif typography and a palette of rich, inviting colors to establish a genuine connection, mirroring Az-Ash's status as seasoned authorities in their field. Through custom illustrations that span their wide array of business services, from financing gas stations to construction and beyond, we added a creative touch that vividly showcases their expertise. Central to this brand narrative is the profound emphasis on experience, as we wanted prospective clients to recognize the wealth of experience and success stories.

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